How We Help

Perspecta offers products and services to help workers' compensation and healthcare organizations address provider search, provider data management, network management, productivity inefficiencies across claims and customer service teams, employee engagement, and healthcare cost challenges.

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    Overcoming Provider Data Challenges
    Overcoming Provider Data Challenges

    Provider data comes in many different file formats and from many sources. Plus, its often outdated. And, many departments in the organization require it, whether for credentialing purposes, printed provider directories or online search tools. How to manage it more easily? Perspecta's unique set of provider directory and intelligent provider data management solutions can help.

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    Making Provider Directory Search Easier
    Making Provider Directory Search Easier

    Getting an online provider directory to enable your employees to search for a provider or if you are looking to sell your product/network, does not have to be hard. Perspecta's self-service product, Provider Directory Now, can have you up and running in a day with an online provider search tool you designed that makes search easy.

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    Controlling Healthcare Costs
    Controlling Healthcare Costs

    Often IT and workflow challenges, outdated provider data, and lack of ability to tier provider data, drive costs up. Using Perspecta's dashboard and analytics you can set alerts, use a 360 view on where patients go and referral patterns, and monitor other data to help you better manage to cost targets.

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    Using Analytics to Make Better Healthcare Decisions
    Using Analytics to Make Better Healthcare Decisions

    With value-based care, analytics are a critical step to help manage healthcare costs. Mining data from multiple sources like eligibility, claims, consumer rating data, patient search and provider visit data, and other sources, organizations can get insights into how they can achieve high-performing networks. Perspecta's data insights solutions can help.

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    Meeting Changing Compliance Requirements
    Meeting Changing Compliance Requirements

    As federal and state regulations have been put in place for meeting uniform provider directory standards, organizations now need better tools to achieve compliance. Perspecta's solutions can help enable your organization to achieve compliance.

Provider Directory Now

This is a self-service provider directory solution that is quick, easy and cost- effective. In 3 simple steps you can style, select provider data, and publish an online provider directory. You can build your provider directory in a day.

Some key features include:

  • User-friendly tools to help style your provider directory with branded elements
  • Easy editor function to make changes to existing directories
  • Available resources to create a directory without accessing provider data
  • Tiering functionality to assign different providers by state
  • Immediate access to your provider search
  • Dashboard to help easily manage all of your directories
Viiad Provider Directory

Formerly called Compass 4.0, the Viiad Provider Directory is a more robust solution that allows an organization expanded functionality to do more with managing provider data and networks, directories, improving productivity, lowering healthcare costs, and enabling your organization to be compliant with state and federal provider directory standards.

Some key features include:

  • Provider directory that includes clients' branding
  • Provider scoring and ratings
  • Provider data and network management services (i.e. data collection and storage from multiple sources)
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Provider data cleansing and verification
  • Workers' Compensation Productivity Tool Bench
  • Healthcare Productivity Tool Bench
  • Employee Engagement Tools
Comp Hub

Perspecta’s new centralized portal solution helps you empower your claims professionals and nurse case managers to achieve productivity improvements with real-time access to all of your workers’ compensation internal resources and partners’ services.

Some key features include:

  • Convenient access to partners in an integrated multiple applications view
  • Easier referrals and reduced data entry
  • Proactive workflow management
  • Management Dashboard
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Customizable options
Workers' Compensation Panel Cards

Creating and managing accurate panel cards can be a daunting task. Outsource your panel card projects to Perspecta’s team of experts. Perspecta has been creating panel cards for over 10 years in all states and has leveraged its panel card technology to offer a low cost outsourced solution to our clients. Outsourcing is a great way to free up internal resources and focus on your growing business.


If you prefer to create and manage your own panels, Perspecta’s web- based panel card tool is available to you.

Some key features include:

  • Easy set up - just send or upload a file of your locations
  • Quicker and easier way to create, manage and distribute accurate panel cards
  • All of your panel cards are stored for easy access
  • We include your PPO providers or any preferred providers by location, state, etc. to be included on your panel
  • If you prefer certain providers are not on your panel cards, we can ensure they will not be listed

A web-based solution that improves workflow efficiency and saves costs by integrating your preferred vendor partners into a single portal for all your referral needs.

Some key features include:

  • Easy set-up and access for your private label-portal
  • Flexible workdesk with archiving
  • On-demand reporting
  • Integration with claims systems and provider directories
Provider Data Management

Managing provider data has become an overwhelming challenge even for organizations with sufficient resources. Provider data is typically siloed across multiple business units and historically each business unit has its own solution for managing the data. This approach of having disparate applications addresses just one business problem usually to the detriment of overall provider data quality, resulting in inaccurate and duplicate provider data and the risk of financial penalties.

Some key features include:

  • Hosted PDM Solution
  • Easy Access to Manage Your Data
  • Data Insights
  • Master Data Index
  • System of Record
Provider Data Scorecard

Access a new perspective on your provider data listings with the Perspecta Provider Data Scorecard. Our scorecard provides transparency into the proprietary Perspecta process. We eliminate errors, reconcile duplicate records, and mitigate the risk of fines, ratings and lost opportunities. See in real time your provider data cleansed, standardized and appended through our machine learning/AI cleansing process.